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Dabwoods x Runtz #23

Dabwoods x Runtz #23 – Immerse yourself in the extraordinary collaboration between Dabwoods and Runtz with our #23 blend, now available in a premium 1g cartridge. Meticulously crafted to unite the best of both worlds, this blend presents a harmonious balance of flavor and potency. Elevate your senses with Dabwoods x Runtz #23 – a journey into the heart of exceptional cannabis craftsmanship. Each inhale is a distinctive and flavorful experience, showcasing the unique qualities that define both Dabwoods and Runtz, delivering an unparalleled vaping adventure.


Runtz is a live rosin hybrid strain crossing Zkittlez and Gelato. This solventless strain is the perfect natural alternative if you’re looking for something that is energizing and euphoric. It has a fruity and delicious flavor profile that features a sweet aroma.

  • Sweet
  • Berry
  • Tropical
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